Federal Motor Carrier Service
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The history of the company dates back to 1960, when our father started as a truck-man and ventured into the field of National Freight Transportation. Over the years and with the experience he acquired, a family business was formed with his support and mentorship; and that is how in 2003 operations began under the commercial name Transporte JC.

By the year 2012, thanks to the preference of our clients, quality of service and planned growth; The company evolves and the partners decide to establish the company under the trade name that we know now as Equipo Logístico JC S. de R.L. de C.V.

Currently, Equipo Logístico JC, has one of the most modern fleets in the market, use of the latest technology in different areas of its structure and a highly committed staff to satisfy the needs of our clients, providing the cargo transport service National, International to Transhipment or door-to-door (DTD) Mexico-USA.

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Nuestra Misión, nuestra Pasión

Provide cargo transportation services that exceed the expectations of our customers, with comprehensive solutions to their needs, based on the experience of our staff, continuous improvement and new technologies.


Nuestra Visión

To be a leading transport company in domestic and international services, identified by providing quality services and our highly competitive staff, which allows us to double the value of the company every 5 years.


Capital humano



Capital humano

Our operational staff is hired under a strict recruitment and selection procedure. Highly competitive and able to perform their functions, exceeding the expectations of our customers.